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Little bit of history.....

Have you ever wondered why a place or person does what they do? Does it ever interest you to know?

Well I'm here to tell you why the owners and director here at Living Waters got into serving the elderly population.

The Aldrich family has owned many businesses over the years and specifically one in Clio for nearly 2 decades. We frequently passed the vacant building/old bar (Patio & Pub as most of you know it) on the corner of Genesee & Lake Rd. After around 10 years of passing by, we thought hey! that would be a great spot for an elderly care home especially since the eldest Aldrich daughter had been working with the elderly since 2010.

Nicole, the director has worked with the elderly since high school where she found her passion. Assisting the elderly towards the end of their life is something she takes great pride in and enjoys tremendously. She had 10+ years of nursing home experience where she did many different duties. Her plan was always to work with children and that quickly changed when she started working with the elderly.

So they sold the 2 decade old business and purchased the property that is now the beautiful spot we call "Living Waters Buell Lake". They want to serve Gods people in the best way they can! Our goal here is to enrich the lives of a vulnerable population, create cost effective, HIGH QUALITY care and help them live out their lives to the best of their ability. We help promote independence, provide lots of different activities and provide them with companionship.

We truthfully take pride in the work that we do here. We encourage you to call and take a tour! Even if its for the future! We love to show people our building! We have availability but not for long so call and schedule a tour now!

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Debra Shinabarger
Debra Shinabarger
10. Feb.

Living Waters was the best place I could have ever placed my Mom Shirley Camp. 10 minutes from my house she was there for 14 months she loved it.The director and the staff were the best.I had to move her back home with me for a while until her dementia got really bad Hospice took over then we were forced to put her in a nursing home.Nicole always called me to check on her well after she left until she passed.

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