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Spring weather brings move-ins!

We have a room available but they are going FAST! Now is the time! With the sun shining, birds singing and nice weather headed back to Michigan now is the time to get rolling on moving in your loved one!

Some of the conversations we encounter with families is that they just aren't ready or they want to allow their loved one, one last chance to live on their own.

A lot of the time we see these loved ones a few months later coming from rehabilitation at a nursing home or from the hospital.

We know that moving someone into an assisted living home is not easy. We do not even try to pretend that it is something easy but sometimes it is what is best and the safest option for them.

One of the bonuses about our facility is that we are small. We only have 12 bedrooms and everyone here is like family. Our staff makes sure to get all of the residents involved with something. Even if it is just visiting and relaxing.

We truly are owned and operated by family and make sure it is homey and comfortable for them.

Like I said before we have a room available for your loved one but they are going quickly! Now is the time to move! The weather is breaking! Come see us for a tour, visit our Facebook page to see some of the fun things we do and reach out to us if you have any questions! AND don't forget, we are offering a move in special!

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