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Our Rooms

One big thing we discussed when opening a place for the elderly to live and receive assistance was, how we want the rooms to be a little more spacious and private. It is hard enough to move from your home into a place with other people but having to share with another person we just cant imagine.

Everyone here at Living Waters has their own private room. When creating our home we wanted the rooms to be more spacious and more private than some of the places we had experience with, with our own loved ones. We want them to be able to feel comfortable and "at home like" as much as possible while living here.

Everyone here has there own taste, preference and interests and we want to embrace that with them! We encourage them to bring personal items that make them feel at home. Some residents choose to decorate every wall and some choose to decorate none! We have residents with instruments like saxophones, banjos and even laptops for playing music! We try to make things as personalized and custom as we can. To, in hope, make them feel at home.

Again, our motto here is "Let our family take care of yours" and we live true to that. We want them to be comfortable and enjoy their time here!

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