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Part Two of Commonly Asked Questions!

Hopefully some of these will help answer your questions! Some of these are questions I have been asked by many family members in the past.

"Does someone make sure that they will get their medication?"

Yes! All of our staff gets training that is not only reading/studying but hands on training as well. Everything is locked and labelled in our medication cabinet and is monitored 24/7 by video. We make sure that your loved one is receiving their medication regularly, which we know is 1 of the main contributors to moving someone into an assisted living facility.

"Can we take our loved one out for the day or for a long weekend up north?"

Again, YES! We have many residents that have went for a long weekend stay with their families and even some that have went out of state for a few days! Here at Living Waters we know how important it is for family to be involved and be around. We encourage families to come visit and take them out as much as desired. Even if its just for a drive or lunch, residents love to get out for a while!

"Can you see Buell Lake from the facility?"

ABSOLUTELY! We are the closest house/building to Buell Lake! Our building sits just off the road on the corner of Lake & Genesee Road! One of, what I think, is the best parts of our assisted living home is that we have a large, beautiful, covered patio that our residents, LOVE spending time on when its nice out. Lots of fisherman, kayakers and even sometimes a small boat to watch.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to submit a form here on our website, message our Facebook page, email us or give us a call! No question is a silly one when it comes to your loved ones!!

-Nicole Sabo, Director

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