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Pharmacy Services

Here at Living Waters we use local owned and operated business' much like ourselves. That is why we have chosen to work with Clio Community Pharmacy located on Vienna Rd. in Clio.

They are friendly, fast, accessible and convenient. They strive to be the lowest cash price and offer free delivery! They have proven them selves with us, time and time again!

We have had residents come to us using different pharmacies and they switch soon after being admitted and could not be happier. They answer questions and concerns with medications we have, offer a drive-thru in case we have to run and grab something and have even went out of their way to assist us after hours.

You will not find the hometown feel and comfort with a big box pharmacy like you do with these guys. They are very responsive to messages, are active on social media and constantly providing great information for the community. They even offer vaccine clinics throughout the year, on site! You can easily request refills using there website or app.

We are so thankful to have them as our pharmacy and are glad to work with a local family owned business much like ourselves!

Below there website is linked to access them quickly with any questions or refills!

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