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Benefits of Music for Dementia

This is a WONDERFUL article about how music can benefit people who have dementia or memory impairment.

In the 11 years that I have been working with the elderly, most times with some sort of memory impairment, music never fails to brighten their day, bring out memories and encourage reminiscing.

Here at Living Waters we encourage residents to listen to their own music, play instruments and sing! Currently we have a resident that can play the piano and her saxophone! We also offer many different music performances! Our residents really seem to enjoy when the performers come out and play for them!

Rooms are open and available! Make an appointment to come tour today!

You can submit a request on this webpage, can message us on Facebook, send us an email at or call us at (810) 686-1046. You may catch one of the music programs that we offer!

-Nicole Sabo, Director

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Call, email or message us for a tour today! We have open rooms! We love adding a new resident to our facility and learning things about our new residents! We can schedule tours just about anytime of

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