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Benefits of being Creative!

I know we have talked before about music being so beneficial to the elderly but being creative is also such an important part of life also. It allows residents to be creative, visit and get close with one another or staff assisting them and can be such an outlet for some.

Here at Living Waters we do many crafts! We have a company, Tenderheart, that comes 1x a week to do crafts and activities with our residents. They are all licensed social workers and really enjoy what they do. They have made tie pillows, Christmas ornaments, painted Spring signs, made chalk boards and much more!!!

Some of the things here at Living Waters that the staff assists residents with are painting, coloring, Christmas cookie decorating, Easter cupcake decorating, Wooden Décor painting such as: crosses, birdhouses, etc.

We enjoy so much creative outlet and activities and our resident thrive when we do programs. It is just so beneficial!

The article linked below is such a great article about the benefits of crafts!

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