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COVID-19 Response

Hi everyone! Now that we are able to accept residents into our facility we wanted to put out our guidelines or precautions for our home for COVID-19. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!

COVID-19 Response and Precautions

Living Waters Buell Lake Elderly Adult Care Home understands and takes the risks of COVID-19 very seriously.

We want to keep all our residents as safe as possible during these times and have developed precautions and put this policy in place for their safety.

Prior to admission residents are required to do the following:

- Get a physical by a licensed physician

- Receive the COVID-19 testing with a negative test result

After admission, regardless of negative result, all residents will be placed in “Quarantine” which will limit them to only their room for a 14-day period. After that 14-day period is up and the Director has assessed resident for any symptoms/condition’s resident can begin to move about facility with a mask on and keeping a 6-foot distance from other residents.

Residents will be screened with a temperature check 2x during the day at 9am and 9pm.

All areas of the facility will be cleaned and sanitized daily.

Staff will be required to wear a mask while inside the facility and must practice good hand hygiene and maintain clean working areas.

Due to restrictions on visiting nursing homes, visitors will not be aloud at this time. We will have available window visits with phone calls, facetime if resident has access and phone calls at any time.

If resident is a “new admit” 1 family member will be allowed inside the facility to help settle them in for a short period of time and then will be asked to leave. When this occurs visitor will be screened for COVID-19, temperature will be taken and mask must be worn.

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