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How is everyone?

Hi everybody!

We have been thinking of everyone during this time. Especially everyone still going to work every day risking their health. Just some friendly tips if you haven't seen already:

-Wash your hands VERY OFTEN and have lotion handy for those dry hands. A simple reminder for the duration of time to wash them would be to say the alphabet and make sure to individually scrub each finger, scrub nails and even goes as far as washing to your elbows.

-Wearing gloves does not necessarily help you very much unless you change them often and do not touch your phone, body, hair or face the entire time you wear them. The best thing to do is wash everything, including your phone very well and often.

-Do not touch your face especially after being at the grocery store, gas station, etc.

-Wipe down/spray with a disinfectant, high touch areas when you have to be out or even at home. So that could be doorknobs, faucets, counter tops, handles of any kind, etc.

-If you are working from home, try to get up and move at least 2-3 minutes every half hour. Keep your blood circulating.

-Take many deep breaths and cough every so often just to keep airways clear.

-Drink warm fluids and lots of them!

-Take your temperature 1-3x daily if you are concerned you may have come into contact with the virus.

-Limit kissing, hugging, touching as much as possible.

-If you work outside of your home, leave shoes outside and spray/wash them every work day. Try not to sit on anything in your home until you wash your clothing and shower.

-If you are struggling with anxiety during this anxious time, reach out to someone, including me! I am available on the Living Waters Facebook page. Get outside and try to get a little bit of fresh air daily. It helps to just sit in the sun or walk around a little bit.

Last but not least be positive and thankful that you are healthy and that we WILL get through this. Give up your worries to God and send him a prayer! Even if all it is, is "Help me Lord"!

I will be trying to post more blogs! Hoping and praying that everyone is staying safe, healthy and knows this to shall pass!


Nicole Sabo, Director

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