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Rooms Available/Commonly Asked Questions!

We have rooms open and filling fast. Call us today to set up a tour!

I am going to post some commonly asked questions when you are looking at placing a loved one. I will post these in a series so be on the look out!

Are there things to do/activities?

YES! We have a monthly activities calendar that we do and have lots of activities. We always try to get some ideas from the residents. Some of those activities are: Cards, Dice, Bowling, Cornhole, Crafts, Bingo, Dominos, Exercising, Movie Nights with Popcorn, Cookie Decorating, etc.

We also have an Elvis and Frank Sinatra impersonator that comes and does performances.

We have a group that comes 1x a week called Tenderheart and they do crafts and visit with them.

Here at Living Waters we are always open to suggestions and we are currently working on a large Jeopardy board to play with them!

What is your menu like?

We also try to get new ideas for our menu! It can be a challenge to find something that everyone likes but we try very hard! In the instance that someone does not like what is served there is always another option.

Our breakfast is an "al carte" style. We give them a few options each day and they get to select what they want for that day. Some of the options include, eggs any way, hot or cold cereal, pancakes, waffles, French toast, etc.

Lunch and Dinner are a variety of different meals. We do a lot of homemade crockpot meals, soups and sandwiches, roasts, pork loin, baked chicken, etc. We try new things and get opinions from our residents as well! Stay tuned for the next blog post answering even more of the commonly asked questions! You can always submit a question on our website and we can email you back!

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