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Staying Physically Active

Recently I asked someone in my life what would be one thing that would concern you about admitting your loved one into a care home. He stated "Worrying that they would just deteriorate"

Seniors can do many things to keep themselves active. Some things include walking, exercises and trying to do as many Activities of Daily Living that they physically can.

At Living Waters we are committed to making sure that your loved one stays active and healthy. Some things that we have plans to do are:

-Taking a safe walk with residents in and outdoors.

-Exercise or Stretching "classes" daily done by our staff.

-Many different "activity" programs that encourage physical activity (such as dancing, outings, baking, crafts, etc.)

-Encouraging them to be independent such as making their own bed, dusting their room and even helping or doing their own laundry.

-Many other things that we will encourage and do as well!

We will strive to keep your loved one as independent and active as possible!

Give us a call, message us on Facebook or email us with any questions you may have!

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