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Tours & Rooms Available!

We are open for tours! Currently we have only a couple rooms available and they are going fast!

Included in the monthly rate is room, all meals/snacks/drinks, furniture for room, basic cable, activities(music programs, crafts, bingo, etc. ), assistance with toileting, showering, dressing, etc., 24/7 care, medication management, laundry, housekeeping and much more!

Not only do we offer all of the services above, we offer companionship for not only your loved one but you as well. We truly live by our motto "Let our family take care of yours".

The owners and staff here at Living Waters take pride in serving the elderly community with compassion. We care for each and every one of the residents that step foot in our doors!

Call today to set up a tour! Also visit our Facebook page for some extra special and fun photos of things we have to offer here!

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Call, email or message us for a tour today! We have open rooms! We love adding a new resident to our facility and learning things about our new residents! We can schedule tours just about anytime of

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